Since1975 Only for
The Bellows Technology !!
The mechanism of high-tech, JKB is the technology.
CEO Greeting

JKB Inc. is established to make more convenience, more safety life by 30 years experience of development, produce of Bellows products.
We will do our best to develop the bellows products.

JKB CEO Yong-Ju , Kim

CEO career
  • To get license Korea Certified Analyst, 기술경영사
  • Small Business Innovation Research Program assessor
  • resigned production director of SJM
  • To develop Seamless bellows for GCB using Ironing method Hyosung
  • To develop Seamless bellows using Ironing method and to produce test product for VCB
  • To develop bellows for electric switch of LSIS, Hyundai Heavy Industires, HyosungPG, etc.
  • To develop bellows for valve of SeoHeung metal, Shinwon metal, JogwangILI etc.
  • To develop Ceossover Joint(bellows) of exhaust system for HYUNDAI
  • To develop steering wheel safety bellows for steering mechanism
  • Entered SJM
  • To produce Bellows by phosphor bronze material for valve